Stone Mountain First Baptist Church

Our Bible Studies

We have a Bible Study group for every age. Please join us at 9:45 am every Sunday morning as we examine God's word. The Bible is also explored in a church-wide setting on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings.

Sunday School Classes

Nursery-Birth through 2 years
Teachers: Jessica, Kern, Cathy
Brief Description of class: We learn about Jesus and the Bible.

Jacob's Ladder-3 to 5 year olds
Teachers: Barbara Joiner, Susan Ergle, and Luann Jink
Brief Description of class: Just as Jesus loved the children, so does Jacob's Ladder's teachers.

Preteen Class-10-12 year age range
Teacher: Mildred Hall
Brief Description of class: We study the Bible lessons each Sunday. We like to do some activity to help us remember the lessons.

Youth Class-Youth from 7th-12th grades
Teacher: Judy
Brief Description of class: All youth are always welcome. Come ready to have fun and to learn more about the Lord.

The Rock-21-54 years old
Teacher: Ken Williams
Brief Description of class: All are welcome. We have strong Biblical discussions and studies. We are caring prayer group.

Unity-All adults are welcome
Teachers: Evelyn and Bill Vinson
Brief Description of class: We pray together, cry together, and laugh together.

Faith-45-60 age group
Teacher: Mike Brown
Brief Description of class: Join us for study of the Word

Agape-50 and above
Teachers: Al Singleton and Harley Ransome
Brief Description of class: Couples, singles, everyone is welcome. We use the Explore the Bible Sunday School Series

New Believers-Any Age
Teachers: Linda Carroll
Brief Description of class: This class goes over the fundamentals of Christianity and then goes indepth into the Baptist beliefs. Perfect for the new Christian or members that just want to refresh their understanding of core values of the church.

Women Group Bible Study-All ages of women
Teacher: Almeda
Brief Description of class: A study group for women are welcome.

Couples Bible Study-All ages of couples are welcome.
Teacher: David Smith
Brief Description of class: A study group for couples.

International Bible Study Class-30 to 50 years old - men and women
Teachers: Frank and Gail Barber
Brief Description of class: The focus of the class is Bible study, growth and support for any person who wants to base their life on God's Word. We do not us a traditional Sunday school quarterly. We choose a book (or books) of the Bible and use various materials to cover its meaning, message and application to life in our modern world. We have studied John, Acts, Mark and are currently studying the 1st five books of the Bible. Our class is a diverse group of loving, caring people from around the world. There are 2 parent as well as single parent families active in the class. We welcome you to come grow with us.